The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 26-06-2022.

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The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 26-06-2022.

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:D A full team of electrical volunteers in today on a very pleasant day, after a brew and a barm provided by the ELR, we tackled the first job of the day.
Clive had finished off modifying the square 1920's clock which we had been given, the internals were stripped out, a stepper motor fitted, the wooden box surround was restored with wood restorer and waxed then the clock fingers painted gold.
Clive had also manufactured a new micro-processor control unit which is self contained in it's own locked case, we obtained some long stepladders, gathered some tools and our battery drill, then set off to Bury Bolton Street Station booking hall. :)
We spoke with Tracey and Martin about the clock and where we proposed to install it and the control unit box, it was agreed the clock would be positioned on the left hand side of the ELR plaque and the control unit in the electrical room on the shop side.
The clock was wired up utilising some existing plastic trunking, the mains connected and the clock set to the correct time, an information sheet about the clock and it's control equipment was given to the booking office staff for there information. :D

Lunch was then taken after which we caught the 13:55 train hauled by the coal tank engine up to Heywood Station to fit one of the refurbished totem signs and remove another three signs ready for refurbishment.
We then caught the 15:15 train back to our workshop for a final brew and to finish off some chocolate rolls bought by Sue Sue. 8)

Back next week for more electrical shenanigans.
Deep in the heart of Swinetown.
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