The Electrical Volunteers report Sunday 19-01-2020.

The Electrical Volunteers report Sunday 19-01-2020.

Postby asbibby » Sun Jan 19, 2020 8:52 pm

:D A full team turned out again today on a very cold and frosty morning, after swift brew we obtained our mobile tower scaffold and the containers for the Christmas lights at Heywood. The fire alarm call points were then tested on BBS Concourse and The Trackside pub on platform two, everything worked OK and the results were logged.
We then caught the delayed 11:00 train hauled by the A4 Union of South Africa to Heywood Station. :)
On arrival at Heywood Station we unloaded all of our equipment and erected the mobile tower scaffold and proceeded to take down the two strings of Christmas lights.
We timed this to perfection in that as soon as we had packed away the lights and dismantled the scaffold the train arrived at the station. 8)
We had our lunch on the train back to Bury Street Station, It was then back to our workshop to test the Christmas lights we had recovered after we had changed all the filament light bulbs for Led bulbs.
On testing all the strings of Christmas lights we had recovered over the past two weeks only one of the new LED bulbs had failed, usually with filament bulbs we used to get loads of failures each year. :idea:

The Bury Standard 4 Group shop asked if we would PAT test some model railway control units, which we did and passed them back tested to the shop. :)

We had a final brew with some M & S cream cakes provided by Sue Mmmmmmm.

Back next week for more work this time to recover the last string of lights at Rawtenstall Station.
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Re: The Electrical Volunteers report Sunday 19-01-2020.

Postby marflow » Mon Jan 20, 2020 12:41 am

A few bits to add to Alan's monologue.
We repaired one of the blue buttons at bbs barrow xing.
Helped free off a water tap (no, nothing to do with electrics)
When we recovered the Christmas lights from Heywoid, the weather had taken it's toll on the (not) weatherproof box for the plugs and sockets for the lights. The plugs and sockets were set solid in ice. We managed to break it off without damaging anything. We'd Already sourced a new box. All nice and repaired now ready for Christmas 2020.
Out of 500 new plastic led bulbs, only one blown. The 100 from BBS p2 are another story. 14 out of 100 popped. We put it down to a different type of festoon lamp holder that lets water in from the back; where the cable enters. We need to fix someway.
Ideas on a postcard please.
Also noted that some good for nothing has managed to crack the p34 drum clock face. Probably throwing stones at it.
See you next week.
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