The Electrical Volunteers report Sunday 01-12-2019.

The Electrical Volunteers report Sunday 01-12-2019.

Postby asbibby » Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:51 pm

:D It was the start of the Santa Specials with our engine 80097 hauling one of the Santa trains, a cold but pleasant day blue skies and as long as you kept busy it was quite enjoyable.
Today the team was Jonathan, Clive, John and myself, Len was still feeling under the weather or should i say under the bedclothes. :D

We all met in our workshop for a brew before starting work, last week we had been asked to look into why there was no heating in the mess room down at Tate Towers in Baron Street. We were also reminded about the lack of heat whilst getting a bacon butty from the mess room on platform two. 8)

A knock on our workshop door was heard and a request for some assistance in looking into the non operation of a five foot tube in the Santa present packing coach on platform four.
Jonathan and myself went to have a look at the problem, the fluorescent tube was blackened at both ends and the starter was jammed in it's holder, we decided to rewire the fitting to accommodate a new LED tube. This done and hey presto many hands make like work. :idea:

Clive and John meanwhile completed some wiring on the new LED light we had installed last week for the barrow crossing at the north end of Bury Bolton Street Station. :)

Jonathan and myself then made our way to Baron Street mess room whilst John and Clive made up two new extension leads for the Bury Transport Museum staff. On arriving at Baron Street mess room we located the heating control panel and observed that two indicator lights were lit, zones one, the mess room and zone five the gents toilets, both with no heating.
One of the circuit breakers would not reset, but that did not seem to be the problem. :idea:

We made our way back to our workshop for some lunch and discussed the problem with the heating at Baron Street.
After lunch we all went back to Baron Street Mess Room armed with some tools and some replacement circuit breakers.
The heating control panel was isolated before the heating panel was removed to inspect the inside of the heating control panel.
The unit appears quite complex with a myriad of relays and electronic components, one of the relays was burnt out along with some associated wiring.
A circuit drawing was found inside the control panel with a date October 2010 and initialed KG which we think is Ken Griffiths.
We will report the fault to Simon Riley the full time electrician. :roll:

We had one final brew and some biscuits before leaving for home, back next week for more enlightening stories. :lol:
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