The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 24-11-2019.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 24-11-2019.

Postby asbibby » Sun Nov 24, 2019 6:57 pm

:D Nearly a full team out today, Clive, Jonathan, John, Colin and myself, first task as usual was to have a brew and a cake provided by Sarah.

The fire alarm call points were checked in Bury Bolton Street Station concourse and tested out OK.
On testing the fire alarm call points in The Trackside an alarm was noticed on the control panel, Clive was called upon to use his expertise to sort out the problem which turned out to be the fire alarm call point in the gents toilets.
The call point was stripped down and rebuilt then tested OK. :shock:

Clive had purchased a LED light fitting for the barrow crossing at Bury Bolton Street Station, so we set about installing the equipment, light fitting, switch, conduit, boxes and wiring.
This took us all morning to install and commission after which we broke for some lunch and more cakes. :D

We received a phone call asking us to come to Ramsbottom Station as the Christmas lights had tripped out in the consumer unit and would not reset. :o

We caught the 13:00 DMU to Ramsbottom Station to see what the problem was, the circuit breaker in the consumer unit would not reset. The circuit breaker was tapped a few times as sometimes they can stick, after a few taps with a screwdriver the circuit breaker reset.
On checking outside the Christmas lights on the platform were working but the string of lights under the canopy were not working. We got the ladders out and checked the fuse box where the two strings of lights are connected, the canopy lights circuit breaker had tripped, this was reset and the lights are now working OK. :idea:

We returned to our workshop in Bury Bolton Street Station, unloaded all our gear and had a final brew with M & S chocolate eclairs bought by Sue. :D

The final task of the day was to paint in black Hammerite the conduit, switch and conduit boxes which we had installed earlier for the barrow crossing light. 8)
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