The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 29-09-2019.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 29-09-2019.

Postby asbibby » Sun Sep 29, 2019 5:50 pm

:) Just the four of us in today, Clive, Len, Jonathan and myself, first job after a brew and some cakes provided by Mr. Howarth, a reward for completing a job a few weeks ago. 8)

Jonathan and Len went off to do the usual tests on the fire alarm call points on Bury Bolton Street Station concourse and The Trackside, all worked OK and the results recorded. :P

We then obtained the long step ladders from the undercroft and went up to the booking hall in BBS to refit a lamp shade which had been repaired previously.
Another lamp adjacent to the one we had been working on was found to be not working, Jonathan went back to our workshop to source a replacement D type 4 pin fluorescent light fitting. The new unit was fitted and the shade cleaned before refitting and testing out. :idea:

It was then decided to grease the new LED light bulbs we had fitted last week on all the Christmas lights, this will protect the new bulbs from corrosion hopefully when they are strung out ready for the Santa trains. :D

We then had a visit from Derek of The Bury Standard 4 Group who asked us if we could determinate the electrical lead on one of his hand grinders. The cable was stripped back, secured, reterminated then tested. 8)
A further hand grinder was brought down to us to repair, the switch was difficult to operate, after some WD40 was administered to the switch mechanism it worked much better.

Lunch was then taken in the workshop with a brew. :lol:

After lunch it was back to greasing the Christmas lights, in total we managed to complete all the string of lights for BBS platform 2, Heywood Station and Rawtenstall Station, leaving just the two string of lights for Ramsbottom Station to do. :)

It was reported to us that the middle infra red heater on platform two outside The Trackside was not working, a message was left for Simon the full time ELR electrician to investigate. :roll:
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