The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 08-09-2019.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 08-09-2019.

Postby asbibby » Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:22 pm

:D Well i was not supposed to be working today, the team thought we would have a day off to sample the delights of something different!

I went to the railway to collect a share application request for shares in The Bury Steam Locomotive Co. Ltd. from our post box in Bury Bolton Street station booking office. I decided to have a brew in our workshop and then got asked by a couple of members of staff if i would have a look at the problem with the lights down at Tate Towers in Baron Street, as a new volunteer safety assessment. was to take place shortly.
The lights were tripped in the consumer unit and when reset the circuit breaker tripped again, after a bit of fault finding it turned out to be a short circuited light switch in the mess room, but when this was replaced with a new switch the circuit breaker tripped again.
The mess room light switch was isolated and a notice placed on it to say do not switch on, thus enabling the rest of the lights on the left hand side of the building working.
There must be a short circuit on the mess room lighting circuit taking out all the lights on the left hand side of the building, a note was left for Simon the full time ELR electrician to sort it out. :shock:

In our workshop when i returned for a brew with my bacon barm cake, i found out that the kettle would not boil and the fridge was not working, this also turned out to be that a mains socket circuit breaker had tripped, on re-setting it, everything worked OK. 8)

So a quick trip to the ELR to have a shufty at the Classic car show, which i did not get a sniff of turned out to be a typical working day all on my Jack Jones. :roll:

We should all be back on duty next Sunday. T.T.F.N.
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