The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 01-09-2019.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 01-09-2019.

Postby asbibby » Sun Sep 01, 2019 5:49 pm

:D The weather today was forecast to be a bit iffy today, sunshine and heavy showers, so we decided to carry on with The Bury Standard 4 Group workshop lighting refurbishment scheme. :)

I was joined by Len, Colin, Jonathan and Clive, we had a swift brew then Jonathan and Len went off to do the usual fire alarm call point tests at The Trackside and BBS Station concourse, the tests proved satisfactory and the results logged. 8)

We then gathering up some tools and made our way to the BS4G carriage shop on platform 2, here we replaced five, five foot fluorescent tubes with LED starters and fitted new LED tubes. :idea:

It was then on to the BS4G shed to carry on with the lighting refurbishment, we used the mobile tower scaffold to access the last double fluorescent unit which was over the A frame where the pony truck for the Ivatt is being re-assembled.
The old unit was taken down, cleaned and then rewired for LED tubes, lunch was then taken back in our workshop with swiss rolls, and snowballs to sample.

After lunch we tested two ceiling LED panels which had been donated, we assessed these for suitability in the machine shop in the shed.

it was then back to the BS4G shed to remove the last ancient double fluorescent unit which was mounted high up on the rear wall on the shed. This was disconnected the plastic conduit removed and the unit scrapped.

A double unit was removed from the side wall of the shed and cleaned up ready to replace the ancient one we had previously removed, this will be affixed in a lower position over a lathe and mounted on two new brackets at a later date.

It was then back to our workshop for a final brew and a cream cake each provided by Sue, Sue, we are having next week off as a few happenings are on the table, back the week after. 8)
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