The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 11-08-2019.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 11-08-2019.

Postby asbibby » Sun Aug 11, 2019 5:46 pm

:D Today i was joined by Clive, Colin, Len and Jonathan, first job as per usual was to check out the fire alarm call points in Bury Bolton Street Station concourse and the The Trackside pub on platform two.
All checked out OK and the results logged. 8)

The Station Master reported a fault on the blue button crossing system the remote receiver was not receiving the correct signal, a re-programme by Clive sorted the matter out. :shock:

Clive, Colin and Len went to The Trackside to check on the clock controller to find out why the south facing clock was running twenty two minutes fast compared to the north facing drum clock on platform two.
A lock was fitted to the controller and the electronic inputs swapped over to see if the fault stayed on the same face, all will be revealed next week after a week of running. :lol:

Jonathan and myself made our way down to the Bury Standard 4 Group workshop to carry on with cleaning the five foot electrical fittings, re-wiring the good old units, cleaning them and fitting LED tubes. We bought ten new LED tubes from an electrical wholesaler in Wigan last week so that we can replace most of the fluorescent tubes with the new LED tubes, therefore cutting down the electricity consumption. :idea:
Clive, Colin and Len then joined us after their work on the clocks. :roll:

A late lunch was taken and one of the removed light fittings was cleaned and rewired ready to be refitted after lunch.
We had an abundance of cakes today a swiss roll from last week and two more swiss tools brought in by Clive.
Sue Sue had given us six Marks and Sparks cream cakes to scoff but we decided to leave them in the fridge for next week. :D

We managed to remove four old units and fit fit three refurbished units, we now have another two units which can be cleaned and rewired to accommodate LED tubes, these will be done next week. :idea:

I was black as the ace of spades after working from the mobile scaffold all day, boy is that shed dusty up in the rafters!!!!
I can feel a shower calling?

Back next week for some more grime and punishment. :!:
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