The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 23-06-2019.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 23-06-2019.

Postby asbibby » Sun Jun 23, 2019 5:31 pm

:) Just the three of us in today, Len, Clive and myself, Alan, I called in on Saturday to get the BS4G mobile tower scaffold from storage in one of our vans and erected it in the BS4G workshop.

As usual a brew was partaken of first before starting work, with some Thornton's chocolate's Mmmmmmm.

Max asked us to check the time on the drum clock on platform two, one side was slightly slow and the other side was ten minutes fast, how that happened we do not know. The two sides of the clock were set to the correct time and we will check the clock again next week. :oops:

Next task was down at the BS4G workshop, we found a spare tested fluorescent fitting to replace a faulty one in the workshop, collected some tools and made our way down.
The old fitting was replaced by our spare unit, a further seven units require refitting and lowering on chains we measured up how much chain and new electrical roses we would need to complete the job. :idea:

A visit from Mr. Howarth was next, he asked if we could sort out the lighting in his store in Bury Bolton Street Station arches, on looking at the job the storeroom was lit with a very small fluorescent fitting, no wonder he found it difficult to see what he was looking for.
A second hand five foot fluorescent was sourced from our spares, the wiring modified to fit a new LED tube, the old unit was removed and new replacement unit fastened to the wall, wired up and tested.
Hey presto much more light and the tube should last for 50,000 hours. :roll:

Lunch was then taken back in our workshop. :)

Peter Eccles saw us working in the stores and asked us if we could replace some earth cables around were the mains gas enters the station.
This job was completed after lunch. :idea:

An LED tube was found outside our workshop, it was tested and found to work OK so it was put back into our stock.

The blue buttons for the pedestrian crossing were then tested back to the tardis on platform 3/4. 8)

We shall be back next Sunday for more enlightening thoughts. :idea:
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Re: The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 23-06-2019.

Postby keepchuffin2012 » Sun Jun 23, 2019 8:11 pm

Thanks for the light lads - I owe you a cake - Don't suppose that will last 50.000 hours......Keith.
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