The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 26-05-2019.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 26-05-2019.

Postby asbibby » Mon May 27, 2019 6:45 pm

:) On a damp and wet day i was joined by Clive and Colin, Len was doing his performing act with the George Formby banjo band in the Bury Transport Museum. :shock:

Before work commenced a brew was partaken of with a couple of cream cakes provided by Sue and a chocolate roll provided by Colin MMMmmmmm.

Seeing that it was the 1940's Bank Holiday weekend and Bury Bolton Street Station was chock a block with people enjoying all the festivities we did some low profile jobs. 8)

A report from earlier in the year had been found about a faulty station lamp at Rawtenstall Station, so we caught the next train up to Rawtenstall Station. The ladder was sourced from the booking hall and we made our way to the sixth lamp from the signal box end, the problem turned out to be a faulty LED corn bulb.
This was replaced with a spare corn bulb which we had brought with us. :D

Lunch was taken in the waiting room at Rawtenstall Station whilst waiting for the next train to take us back to BBS.

The electronic clock time was checked for accuracy while we were at Rawtenstall and on our way back the Station clock at Ramsbottom Station was also checked for accuracy through the carriage windows. :D

We went to platform two and connected up the lamp head on one of the Station lamps which had been installed last week. :idea:

Trackside clock, platform two and platform 3/4 station clocks were checked again for accuracy, they were all within a second or two. :D

Some extension leads were given to us for PAT testing from the BS4G shop.

After a final brew and demolishing the last fragments of cake we made our way home. :roll:
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