The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 19-05-2019.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 19-05-2019.

Postby asbibby » Sun May 19, 2019 5:37 pm

:o Just myself and Jonathan in today, first job of the day was to check out the fire alarm call points at the top of the stairs leading down to platform two, then the storeroom on platform two. :)
Everything worked OK and the results were logged.

We then had a swift brew in our workshop after which we decided on what jobs we could do there being just two us.
It was decided to have a look at two of the platform lights on platform two at Bury Bolton Street Station, we recovered a lamp head from storage and went to investigate the job.
Armed with the ladders and a few tools we made a couple of brackets to hold the lamp heads and modified two long screw hooks by using a die to put more threads onto the screw. 8)

Lunch was then taken in our workshop after which we returned to the task of securing the two lamp heads to the top of the lamp posts, we drilled one hole in the lamp head and another hole in the top of the lamp post. Then fastened them together utilising the metal brackets we had previously made. :roll:

A earth wire link needs to be made next week on one of the lamp posts before it is wired up. :D

Back next week for some more electrifying tasks, don't mention the war Mr Mainwaring.
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