The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 31-03-2019.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 31-03-2019.

Postby asbibby » Sun Mar 31, 2019 5:45 pm

On Friday evening myself and Sue sampled the ELR Dining with Distinction, evening dining train hauled for the first time by our engine BR Standard 4 80097, a great five course meal some good beer in The Trackside and the engine performed admirably. :D

:D The last day of March and one hour less in bed was the order of the day, i was a bit late and the rest of the lads were in bright and breezy, strange. :)

First in was Clive, Jonathan, Colin and Len followed by myself, after a brew with newly cleaned cups, no brown tea stains for a change. :?

The clocks sprang forward today so we had to alter all the Station clocks to BST.

Clive's hens had started laying again after some time with no eggs from the eggman, Clive must have had a serious word with some of them threatening them with a fate worse than death, nice one.

We had a shed full of cakes today, Colin brought in a Marks and Sparks chocolate sponge cake, Len brought some Mr.Kiplings finest apple tarts and Sue provided us with chocolate eclairs, happy days!!!!!!!!!!

The fire alarm call points were also checked out, tested and the results logged.

Clive a brought in an extension bell and some cat5 cable for us to do some security work for The Bury Steam Locomotive Company Limited. This took us to lunchtime and beyond to complete and test. 8)

It was brought to our attention that another clock in the cafe on platform three/four also required the time correcting. :oops:

A final brew was partaken of polishing off the remaining cakes before calling it a day, we shall be back next Sunday probably doing some more PAT testing in Bury Transport Museum. :roll:
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