The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 24-02-2019.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 24-02-2019.

Postby asbibby » Sun Feb 24, 2019 6:53 pm

:) A fabulous Sunday greeted the four electrical volunteers today, the warmest February day i can remember, i was joined by Clive, Jonathan and Len after a swift brew it was decided to install the new drum clock we have bought.
Clive has been busy all week modifying the electronic circuitry to enable the control box installed in the Trackside pub to drive three clocks instead of one. :)

Len and Jonathan went off to do the usual fire alarm call point checks before we started the main job today.

Phil from the Bury Standard 4 Group had called into our workshop to inform me that the bracket holding the Smiths speedo generator had been drilled and the generator fitted awaiting me to connect the wiring up to the Smiths regulator.
I gave Phil three brackets which we had made last week to hold the flexible conduit to the cab roof of 80097 Phil will fit them to the cab roof. 8)

We met up with Simon the full time ELR electrician who made available to us some cat5 cable for us to install the wiring from the clock control box to the new drum clock on platform two.
Clive had brought his very long masonry drill so the first job was to drill a hole from outside the Trackside pub to a position at the back of the bar, once this had been done the cable was threaded through the hole and fastened to the metalwork of the canopy to a position where we decided to erect the drum clock.

The mobile tower scaffold was utilised to drill the metalwork so that we could suspend the drum clock from canopy.

Lunch was then taken in our workshop, alas no cakes today. :cry:

I then went to the Bury Standard 4 Group workshop to connect up the Smiths generator to the Smiths regulator, we shall see next week when the engine is tested again with stock if the speedo in the cab reads accurately or requires some adjustment. 8)

We then carried on installing the drum clock, drilling two holes in the metalwork of the canopy, the clock was then suspended and the wiring connected up in the control box and testing carried out on the two clock faces to ensure the clock faces were in sync and reading the correct time. 8)

The wiring was then secured with cable ties and clips all the way from the drum clock to where the cable entered the Trackside.

A final brew and that was our lot for another busy day in the Electrical Department, back next week to wire up the backlight in the drum clock. :D
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Re: The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 24-02-2019.

Postby marflow » Mon Feb 25, 2019 8:07 pm

So tempting to do a clock that keeps "brexit" or "metric" time coordinated to railway timekeeping/timetable! 50 minute hours spring to mind.
All best wishes and hope all goes to plan for 80097 on Saturday.
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