The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 27-01-2019.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 27-01-2019.

Postby asbibby » Sun Jan 27, 2019 6:43 pm

:D Five brave souls turned up today on a bitterly cold day, Jonathan, Clive, Len, Colin and myself, we had a swift brew first and then tested out the fire alarm call points as per usual in BBS Concourse and The Trackside.
The results were recorded in the appropriate log books. :)

I attended a Bury Steam Locomotive Co. Ltd. board meeting in the FXP room from 09:30 to 11;30.

The rest of the team tackled some outstanding jobs, two fluorescent light fittings on Bury Bolton Street concourse, while these lights were being attended to, Irene in the shop asked if we could look at another two fittings in the shop which were not working.
All the lights were sorted by replacing the D type lights and fluorescent tubes. :idea:

Clive and Jonathan went to Ramsbottom Station to check out the Station clock which was acting up. :?

Lunch was then taken in our workshop with Len, Colin and myself, a brew and a cream cake provided by Sue were scoffed. :D

We had been asked if we could replace two duff double fluorescent light fittings in the Bury Standard 4 Group shed, so Colin Len & myself checked our stock and tested two previously used fittings, these worked OK so Len and myself set off to the BS4G shed to fit at least one of the faulty fittings.
The mobile tower scaffold had been set up for us by the men in the shed so it was out with the old fitting and in with a new one this time suspended from the high ceiling by utilising chains.
This needed to be done as the final painting of BR 4MT 80097 is taking place, starting this week. :D

There is more work to be done in the shed replacing worn out fittings and replacing them with more modern recycled units. 8)

We shall be back next week, let's hope the weather gets a bit warmer soon. :roll:
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Re: The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 27-01-2019.

Postby marflow » Sun Jan 27, 2019 10:59 pm

Yes, as Alan said, we went up to Rammy to investigate the platform 2 clock (for which we had made a drive mech last year, or was it 2017?).
We managed to unscrew the glass. Four nasty old screws.
Then to unscrew the face. Some t*** had used security screws. But they didn't defeat us!
Lifting the face out, it was clear the hands were in a bad way and the rod going through the wall to the drive had split. Solder joint came undone. The gears too were full of what can only be described as mud! And the minute hand was all sloppy. I'll tekit 'ome and clean it up.

On the same trip, we went to Rwt and changed one of the platform light bulbs that was the wrong colour-temperature. Looked silly.

So you see, busy bees.

Just hope Simon can find time to get the lamps we need for the front shop and booking hall, which is looking a disgrace. I am surprised that no-one has said anything. That is our front of house! I remember that I did a complete relamp way back. 2007? So they've done ok with just a few replacements. Probably quite a few are out. You can't tell if they're just dim or some missing.
Hoping we get LED replacements. Should last longer and save 'lecky.

Graham, if you see this, I've got the bits you need to try and suppress the noise on the loudaphone. They're on the work bench under the stairs.

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