TheElectrical Volunteers Report Sunday 26-08-2018.

TheElectrical Volunteers Report Sunday 26-08-2018.

Postby asbibby » Sun Aug 26, 2018 5:25 pm

:D Well what a contrast in the weather today from Saturday which was blue skies and sunshine to very cloudy and wet all day for the visit of the iconic engine, Flying Scotsman.

The usual Sunday volunteers turned up today, John, Jonathan, Clive, Len and myself, first jobs were to test out the fire alarm call points and the blue button crossing system.
All tested out OK and the results logged. :)

I went up to The Bury Standard 4 Group shop on platform two to install and wire up a light fitting for a glass display unit, which now highlights the new badges which have been purchased to sell.
A new 12 volt bulb had been sourced, fitted then tested to ensure all was working satisfactorily. :idea:

A replacement D type bulb had been sourced and fitted in the booking hall at Bury Bolton Street Station. :idea:

We received a notice that the Station clock at Ramsbottom Station had stopped working so the team caught the next train to Rammy.
On investigation it was found that a lever operating a part of the mechanism had become loose, the offending loose part
was tightened and the clock tested again to ensure it was working correctly. :D

The next train was caught back to our workshop in BBS station were lunch and a brew was partaken of.
Chocolate eclairs were woofed down curtesy of Sue Sue. 8)

I had an early dart as i was looking after my daughter's dog Lottie who i had left in the care of Sue. :P

Let's hope the weather improves for next week, when we hope to start the refurbishment of Summerseat Station lights. :D
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