The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 15-07-2018.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 15-07-2018.

Postby asbibby » Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:42 pm

:D All five intrepid electrical volunteers turned up for a shift today, Jonathan, Clive, myself, Len and John, after a swift brew Jonathan and Len went off to do the weekly tests on the fire alarm call points in The Trackside and BBS concourse, everything worked OK and the results were logged. 8)

Clive checked out the blue button crossing assistance system at BBS, to ensure they were all working correctly. :)

The next task was to retrieve the four lamp heads which had been stripped and painted black a couple of weeks ago, all that was required now was to paint the underside of the lamp heads white.
Jonathan got on with this task whilst Clive modified a stand for a lighting unit from C & W. :roll:

The white paint on the lamp heads dried very quickly in the warm sunshine outside of our workshop, the lamp heads were then reassembled, the LED bulbs installed and the lamp heads tested :D

Lunch was then taken with some of Tesco's finest cream cakes bought for us by Sue. :D

Jonathan, Clive, Len and John caught the 12:40 train to Ramsbottom Station to install the four refurbished lamp heads back on the lamp posts.

I was asked to check out the operation of a grit blaster which had been purchased to assess the procedure in grit blasting metal components, unfortunately when i got to Baron Street Works outdoors the compressor refused to start. :oops:

We all met up later for a final brew before leaving to watch the World Cup Final between France and Croatia, back next week for some more enlightening thoughts. :!:
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