The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 08-07-2018.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 08-07-2018.

Postby asbibby » Sun Jul 08, 2018 5:36 pm

:shock: Just three of us in today, Jonathan, Len and myself, Len & Jonathan after a quick brew Len & Jonathan went off to test out the fire alarm call points in Bury Bolton Street concourse and The Trackside. All checked out OK and the event was recorded.

John was attending an air show and Clive was on a club radio meeting, so no eggs & no cake. :oops:

Simon & Lewis the full time ELR electricians helped us to take all our PAT test gear to the carriage & wagon shed where they had arranged for all the portable electrical tools to be tested. :)

We tested a total of forty two appliances including extension leads, quite a few failed items were put to one side after they failed the PAT test. They will be collected from C & W by Simon and brought back to our workshop for repair and re-testing.
We tested grinders, sanders, welders, drills and 240v, 110v extension leads, all the tested items now have PAT tested labels on them. There are more to do next week, if all the extension leads around the shed can be collected for us to examine and test. :o

In between we had a break for some lunch, no cake today what went wrong, answer no John. :?

More of the same next week should see us finish at the C & W shed.
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