The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 01-07-2018.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 01-07-2018.

Postby asbibby » Sun Jul 01, 2018 6:59 pm

:) Four intrepid electrical volunteers turned up today on another beautiful Sunday morning, Clive myself, Jonathan and John, Len was playing with the George Formby Band on the Armed Services Day in Southport. 8)

First job after a brew and a Snowball cake each provided by Sue, was to test the fire alarm call points in the Trackside and BBS Concourse, all worked satisfactorily and the results were logged. :D

Clive had received a message asking him to check out the blue button crossing system at BBS, the problem turned out to be a battery problem and a software reset. We decided to add the testing all the blue button crossing points every Sunday along with the fire point testing. :roll:

We then set out our work bench outside of our workshop and recovered the four lamp heads which had been taken down from Ramsbottom Station last week, these were all stripped down, cleaned of years of detritus then rubbed down with emery paper ready for painting. Geoffrey gave us a hand in stripping and rubbing down the lamp heads. :wink:

Lunch was then taken in the shade, as by this time it was becoming very warm, not complaining mind you.

Previously i had been asked to look at another two pit lights in the Bury Standard Four Group workshop, everyone in the shed were very busy working on getting the numerous jobs done on the very extensive jobs to do list.
Jonathan stayed behind to paint black the four lamp heads, whilst the rest of us made our way to the Standard 4 Group workshop with a few tools to sort out two of the remaining pit lights, the one remaining pit light which was not working will have to be fixed at a later date as it was not possible to gain access to the light at present. :)

We then returned to our workshop for a final brew and cake provided by John, back next week for more enlightening views. :P
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