The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 28-04-2018.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 28-04-2018.

Postby asbibby » Mon Apr 30, 2018 3:52 pm

:shock: Just three of us in today, Len, Jonathan and myself, we tested the fire alarm call points as usual in The Trackside pub and Bury Bolton Street station Concourse, everything worked satisfactory and the results were logged in the appropriate log books.

Simon and Louis the full time ELR electricians were in today to do some work up at Rawtenstall Station and to check out a reported fault with the heating system in the booking office. 8)

A fault reported to us was the the plumbed in water boiler in Tate Towers had ceased to work, so we obtained a manual filling spare water boiler and set off with some tools down to TT.
On arrival we ascertained that the boiler was not working so it was disconnected from the plumbed in water supply and disconnected from the fused outlet socket. :?
To get to the plumbing we had to pull out the washing machine to gain access to the water isolation point in doing so the mains lead got stretched and had to be rewired in the back of the machine.
Another job for us to do later is to move the electrical socket to a more convenient place that can be reached more easily. :o

It was then back to our workshop for a brew and some lunch.

We obtained from stock some new crimps for the washing machine mains lead and proceeded back to TT to complete the work in the mess room, the spare boiler was filled with water and plugged in to ensure it was working OK.
The boiler will have to be manually filled and switched off when not in use until we can effect a repair on the plumbed in water boiler, at least a brew will still be possible. :roll:

It was back to the workshop to test out a platform lamp fitting which we had refurbished last week, it worked OK, this was then reinstalled and will be tested later on.

That was it for another day of enlightening work, back in a couple of weeks after the Thomas weekend.
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