The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 15-04-2018.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 15-04-2018.

Postby asbibby » Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:21 pm

:D A full team of electrical volunteers in again today, John, Jonathan, Clive, Len and myself, first job as usual was to check out and test the fire alarm call points in The Trackside and Bury Bolton Street Station concourse.
Everything worked satisfactory and the results were recorded in the log books.

A brew was had with some chocolate wedding cake brought in by Clive.

Clive had purchased a new switch for a 110V angle grinder which was in our workshop for repair, the switch was installed and wired up. The grinder was plugged in and the grinder motor instantly burned out, the grinder will now be used as a source of spares. :x

We had been asked during the week if we could install a button system to electrically open the door in the booking office.
Clive ordered the buttons which will be delivered in time to be fitted next Sunday, we obtained some cable and plastic trunking and proceeded to install the wiring and plastic trunking under three of the desks. :wink:

It was also reported to us that a five foot fluorescent light fitting over one of the desks in the booking office had failed, on investigation it was found that the tube was faulty.
A new tube was sourced from our store and fitted in-situ. :roll:

Lunch was then taken in our workshop under the stairs on platform two.

I then went up to the Bury Standard 4 Group workshop to inform them about the grinder and was asked to PAT test another four hand held electrical tools, Jonathan tested them and recorded the results.

I then helped out Stuart in the BS4G shop on platform two until we shut the shop at 15:30 hours, it was quite busy with plenty visitors coming to the ELR to watch the gala 40's at 60. 8)

When i got back to the workshop John had left me a slice of sponge cake and aa brew so the chocolate rolls given to us by Sue were popped into our fridge for consuming next week. :)

Back next week for more sparks.
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