The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 08-04-2018.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 08-04-2018.

Postby asbibby » Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:05 am

:D A full house of electrical volunteers in today, Len, John, Jonathan, Clive and myself, we had a swift brew with a fresh cream and jam doughnut, supplied by Sue before tackling the first job of the day. :)

The fire alarm call points were all tested in the Trackside and Bury Bolton Street Station with no problems found, the results of the tests were put in the log books. :D

We had painted and prepared the conduit fittings last week for the photo-cell which was to be fitted to control the platform 3/4 lights, their were collected along with the metre long masonry drill which Clive had brought to finish off drilling through the wall of the disabled toilet.

The electricity on the fuse box was switched off and we proceeded to drill through the wall slowly whilst watching to see when we broke through the wall. This was achieved the hole appearing just to the left of the relay controlling the platform lights, good measuring there Clive. 8)

The outside wall was then drilled and the conduit fittings were screwed to the wall, A fibre rod was then poked through the hole in the wall and the cable from the photo-cell taped to the fibre rod. This proved to be a tight fit trying to get the cable through the wall, so we called on the Station Master who had brought his drill and long masonry bit as promised last week.
This drill bit was a larger one and went through the wall quite easy, allowing the cable to pass through the wall with ease. 8)

The photo-cell was then wired up by Jonathan to the relay that operates the platform lights via the electronic control clock, The power was switched back on again to test to see if the photo-cell would work, Clive stuck his cap over the photo-cell and as if by magic the platform lights came on. The cap was removed and the platform lights went out, the clock was then reset by Clive to switch on on Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 15:00 and 20:00 hours and the photo-cell will then come into action depending on the natural light available. :roll:

When we were checking to see if all the platform 3/4 lights were switched on we noticed that the lamp at the end of the platform was not lit, we decided to investigate this after some lunch. :wink:

We sourced a spare light unit from our stock just in case we needed to change the fitting and armed with a set of ladders we made our way to the offending lamp post.
This lamp fitting we found out, after reading the danger notice we had pinned in the next to the fuse carrier was a special fitting which had been modified, so the fitting was removed to enable us to check the fitting in our workshop.
The top of the lamp-post was covered up and we all retreated back to the workshop. :)
On examination the light was found to be working OK so the unit was cleaned up ready for rubbing down and repainting before being put back up and finding out if any power is getting to the lamp-post.

A 110v angle grinder was handed to us for us to check out, this turned out to be a faulty switch mechanism, we did a repair on the switching mechanism with some epoxy resin, we shall see what the result is next week. :?

A final brew was had with a piece of chocolate coated swiss roll brought in by Len, MMMmmmmmmmm, P.B. Yum Yum!

We are back next week for some more enlightening thoughts. :idea:
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