The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 01-04-2018.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 01-04-2018.

Postby asbibby » Sun Apr 01, 2018 4:03 pm

:D Today on Easter Sunday at the ELR we had Tornado, Flying Scotsman, City of Wells and the Crab 13065 with most of the carriages quite full with Tornado pulling eight carriages. 8)

I was joined by Len, Jonathan and Clive, we tested out the fire alarm call points in the Trackside and then Bury Bolton Street Station everything worked satisfactory and the results were logged. :)

Irene asked us to PAT test a large water boiler which she had brought into the workshop, this was PAT tested OK and returned to the catering stores. :shock:

We put off drilling and wiring the photocell in the disabled toilet on platform 3/4 on BBS till next week as it was quite busy with people queuing up to visit Flying Scotsman on platform 4.
Some conduit fitting were measured up and assembled and painted black ready for installing next week. :D

Lunch was then taken with a brew and some Snowball cakes supplied by Sue Sue. :roll:

Jonathan then got out the PAT tester and commenced PAT testing all our portable appliances and a numerous amount of mains extension leads.
One of our soldering irons failed an earth test so a new mains lead was fitted to it. :idea:

The conduit fittings cabinets were cleaned out and sorted so we could see exactly what types of conduit fittings we have in stock.

A final brew was had and the last of the snowball cakes scoffed before tidying up and locking the workshop. :)

We shall be back next week for more electrifying work at the ELR. :wink:
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