The Electrical Volunteers report Sunday 02-02-2020.

The Electrical Volunteers report Sunday 02-02-2020.

Postby asbibby » Mon Feb 03, 2020 1:10 pm

:D A memorable date, Sunday 02-02-2020, i was joined by Clive, Jonathan, John, Len and Colin, we had a warming brew to before Jonathan and Len went off to test the fire alarm call points in BBS Concourse and The Trackside pub.
All the tests proved successful and the result was recorded in the appropriate log book. :)

We had been told previously that three light fittings in Bury Bolton Street Station booking hall had been damaged, the centre fittings were recovered after they had been glued by someone and refitted to the light fittings, just one remains to be done now has the centre needed more epoxy resin, we will fit it next Sunday. :lol:

Three of us had medicals in Tate Towers this morning so we collected some small tools and our mobile tower scaffold then proceeded down to the Bury Standard 4 Group workshop to reposition a double fluorescent light fitting.
The light fitting was disconnected and lowered to the ground so that a new longer flex could be terminated onto the fitting, it was the reconnected into the original electrical connecting box. :idea:

The three of us due for the medical walked to Tate Towers whilst the rest of the team carried on with erecting the light fitting into the new position, this now illuminates the work area where the pony truck for the Ivatt Class 2 is being re-assembled. :roll:

We all then met up in our workshop for some lunch and patisseries provided by Sue Sue, Some chocolate cake was also demolished along with a fine brew. 8)

The Christmas lights from Rawtenstall Station which had previously been recovered were taken out of their storage box, cleaned, dried and tested, about ten new led bulbs had failed mainly due to water ingress.
Self amalgamated tape was used to try to keep out the water next time, the storage box was then dried out before repacking the lights. :shock:

That was it for another electrifying day with the East Lancashire Railway, Sunday Electrical Volunteers, back next week. T.T.F.N.
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