The Electrical Volunteers report Sunday 05-01-2020.

The Electrical Volunteers report Sunday 05-01-2020.

Postby asbibby » Sun Jan 05, 2020 9:41 pm

:D Happy New year to everyone from the Electrical volunteers on the East Lancashire Railway, today we had a full compliment of volunteers, Jonathan, Len, Colin, Clive, Jonathan and myself.

After a brew we were asked by the Station Master to check out the lights in the ladies toilets on platform 3/4, on investigating we found that six D type bulbs were blown. It was back to our workshop to see if we had any spare 4 pin D type bulbs, a total of four were found, fitted and tested.
We left an E mail for Simon the full time electrician at the ELR to order some spares to replace the remaining 4 pin D types and to leave us with a few spares. 8)

The next task was to go to the Bury Standard 4 Group workshop to see if we could find what was wrong with the milling machine which is being used to machine new parts for the Ivatt Class 2 engine we are restoring.
All the buttons on the control panel were tested for continuity, the control box at the rear of the machine was checked to see if any relays had burnt out, everything appeared OK and we got the machine to rotate the cutting tool.
We think their maybe something wrong with the interlocking on the machine, more investigation is required with the BS4G CME. :shock:
Two LED tubes the workshop were refitted in a fitting, someone had taken them out of the light fitting because they could not locate the switch. :roll:
The last job in the BS4G shed was to rewire a fluorescent tube to take a LED tube, the one fitted previously had failed after only three months. :idea:

Lunch was then taken with some homemade Christmas cake supplied by Len , a big tin of chocolate biscuits from Colin and
some mince pies provided by Sue, MMMmmmmm

After lunch we took down the Christmas lights on platform two at BBS Station, we switched on the lights to see how many of the newly fitted LED lamps had failed.
The lights were all tested back in our workshop as some of the light fittings needed repair, dirty contacts, water ingress in both the LED lamps, rusty spring contacts and fittings which will need replacing, a total of eight LED bulbs have failed since last year. :evil:

We had another brew, cake, biscuits and mince pies before packing up for the day.
Next week we shall weather permitting take down more Christmas lights from Ramsbottom etc. :?:
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