The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 09-06-2019.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 09-06-2019.

Postby asbibby » Sun Jun 09, 2019 6:18 pm

:) Just the three of us in today, Len, Jonathan and myself, Alan, i was a bit late and Jonathan and Len had already done the fire alarm call point tests on the BBS concourse and the Trackside. No problems were found and the test results recorded in the log books. :)

We had a brew before deciding what would be the order of the day, a message was given to us saying that in Tate Towers in Baron Street works there was a problem with the electrics.
Some tools and a multimeter were collected to go and investigate the problem, which turned out to be in the mess room, all the 13a sockets were not working.
All the sockets and appliances were switched off and the 13a mess room circuit breaker reset in the consumer unit then the appliances were switched on one at a time, everything was fine and the circuit breaker stayed in. 8)

A fluorescent fitting in the mess room was not working, the tube and starter were replaced but still the tube would not light up, so we retired back to our workshop to collect a new LED tube as one of the fittings in the mess room had already been converted to accommodate LED tube.

Lunch was taken and then we set off back to Baron Street to modify the wiring in the fluorescent fitting to convert it to a LED tube fitting, problem solved. :idea:

It was then decided to take our ladder and some tools and catch the 13:00 hours train to Summerseat Station to take down seven lamp heads which require refurbishment, this happens every five years to all our Station lights from Rawtenstall Station down to Bury.
We unloaded the lamp heads and stored them away ready for cleaning and rubbing down prior to repainting. :)

A final brew was partaken of before calling it a day, back next week for more electrical shenanigans. :lol:
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