The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 02-06-2019

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 02-06-2019

Postby asbibby » Sun Jun 02, 2019 5:53 pm

:) Today we had a full house of electrical volunteers, Colin, Len, Clive, Jonathan and myself, after swift brew it was over to the Bury Transport Museum to install a long strip of LED lights in a cabinet adjacent to the Post Office vehicle display.
This involved sticking the lights in place around the edges of the cabinet and drilling through the wall to gain access to a mains socket in the museum office. :idea:

On a visit to the Bury Standard 4 Group shed we were asked if we could solder back on a cap which had become detached from the paraffin lamp which was being used on our engine BR Standard 4 80097 on the dining train leaving at 13:00 hours.
The top of the lamp and the cover were cleaned with a rotary wire brush and then it was out with borax flux, some solder and the blowtorch.
The lamp was returned to the engine in time for it's scheduled departure from platform two at Bury Bolton Street Station on time. :D
Thanks also to Stuart for brazing up my trowel which was in need of some urgent surgery to enable it to plant more bedding plants once again. :D

It had been noticed that a loose new white board had been placed at the back on the signal wires adjacent to the barrow crossing at BBS, we investigated this as it is an indicator for station staff who are authorised to man the crossing during gala days etc when a train is approaching the barrow crossing from Ramsbottom.
The white plastic board was cut in half, four holes drilled in the wall and four plugs inserted then secured to the wall with four screws.
Two plastic tubes were then secured to two of the wires as had been done previously we then observed the working of the plastic tubes moving across the white board.

Lunch was then taken in our workshop with another brew and a Marks & Sparks cream cake each curtesy of Sue. :)

The Station staff asked us to fit the other half of the white plastic board on the wall at the end of platform four and fit another tube on the signal wire which they use also as an indicator of when a train is due into the station from Ramsbottom.
We used the same technique for fitting the white board as had been done previously. 8)

A final brew was had with a few shortbread biscuits after which we packed away our tools cleaned the workshop and retired to our home abodes. :roll:

We shall be back next week for more electrifying moments.
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