The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 03-03-2019.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 03-03-2019.

Postby asbibby » Sun Mar 03, 2019 8:01 pm

:D What a difference from the glorious weather we had last Sunday, it was wet and chilly but after a warm brew and couple of Kit Kat biscuits we were ready for the days work.

Len & Jonathan went off to do the usual fire alarm call point checks in the Trackside and Bury Bolton Street Station concourse, the tests proved successful and the results recorded. :)

Clive went to change a double socket which was cracked in the staff room at BBS on platform 3/4.

We then made our way to platform two with our mobile tower scaffold to connect up the new drum clock back light to the nearest canopy light.
Clive had sourced a cable fitting to enable us to connect up the back light to the nearest lighting unit, when we switched on the canopy lights the back light on the clock illuminated, Success!

We had received a report that the heating was off in the buildings at Rawtenstall Station, Buffer Stops and the waiting room etc.
An early lunch was taken in our workshop with cake provided by Clive and Kit Kats provided by Sue. 8)

The 11:55 train was boarded hauled from BBS Station by City of Wells locomotive, on arrival at Rawtenstall we spoke with the Station Master and the supervisor in Buffer Stops to ascertain the problem.
The two time clocks appeared to be OK and the pilot light in the boiler was lit, after a look round the interior we at last found the thermostat high up in the booking hall, this was set at 19 degrees.
The temperature was reasonable so we decided to leave a message in our workshop for the ELR full time electrician to check it out. On returning to BBS we rang the Station Master and asked him to ask the Buffer Stops staff if the heating came on later in the afternoon as it got a bit colder. :roll:

A final brew with another Kit Kat each was had before calling it a day, back next week for the Winter Steam Gala and the public debut of 80097 BR 4MT. :D
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