The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 17-02-2019.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 17-02-2019.

Postby asbibby » Sun Feb 17, 2019 6:45 pm

:D Five intrepid electrical volunteers in today on a nice February Sunday, Len, Jonathan, Clive, Colin and myself.

A swift brew was had before we started work, Jonathan and Len shot off to do the usual fire alarm call point checks in the Trackside pub and Bury Bolton Street Station concourse, all worked satisfactorily and the results logged. :)

Clive rewired an extension lead from the diesel shed.

Colin and Clive then rewired the Smiths speedo head two pin plug and soldered the connectors ready for fitting on 80097 locomotive later in the day. :)

Myself and Colin made some steel brackets out of some flat bar, these where to secure the flexible conduit to the roof of the cab of 80097. 8)

Len and Jonathan then carried on with PAT testing in the diesel workshop.

Clive had arranged to meet a guy from Macclesfield with a view to inspect and possibly purchase a drum clock for use on the railway. :P

Lunch was taken in our workshop with loads of cakes brought in by Len, Colin and myself to be scoffed.
Clive and Colin then went to the Bury Standard 4 Group shop to fit a lost screw in the burglar alarm box.

I then went back to the BS4G shed to drill and affix the conduit with brackets made previously for 80097, i then fitted the screw connector to the back of the speedo head and threaded the two wires through the flexible conduit, through the steel conduit now affixed to the back of the drivers seat.
The wires then were passed through the final piece of flexible conduit to the regulator and connected up in the regulator unit.

Jonathan painted the brackets that Colin had made earlier in the day, these will be fitted to 80097 next week.

We all had a final brew and finished off the M & S cream cakes before calling it a day. :D

We shall be back next week for more electrical shenanigans. :idea:
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