The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 03-02-2019.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 03-02-2019.

Postby asbibby » Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:14 pm

:) Today i was joined by Jonathan, Clive and Len after a brew Len and Jonathan went off to do the usual checks on the fire alarm call points in The Trackside pub and Bury Bolton Street concourse.
The checks proved successful and the results recorded in the log books. :P

Clive had repaired the station clock from Ramsbottom Station at home last week, the spindle was very worn and instead of being a square shaft it was rounded causing slippage with the result that the clock was losing time.
The shaft was fixed using epoxy resin to hold the shaft to the clock mechanism.
Clive, Jonathan and Len caught the ten o'clock DMU up to Rammy to install the repaired mechanism in the station wall. :D

I went up to the Bury Standard 4 Group to install the Smith's speedo head, the speedo regulator and to deliver a length of prepared conduit which is part of the speedo installation. :idea:

We all met up back in our workshop for a bit of warmth and a hot brew, with a Mr Kiplings fruit cake shared between the four of us brought in by Len 8)

Jonathan and myself went back to the BS4G shed with cable and flexible conduit to measure and cut to length, ready for us to wire up the speedo electrics.
We are now waiting for some new steel clips to be made by the BS4G made to enable us to the conduit and flexible cable, then the bracket holding the Smiths speedo generator requires drilling. :o

The next job on a very busy day for us was to fault and upgrade the alarm system in the Group's shop.

It was then back to our workshop for a final brew and to leave a couple of messages for Simon to order some spare LED bulbs for Heywood Station, Bury Bolton Street Station shop and Concourse. :o

We have visited John who has been unwell and appears to be on the mend, we shall be back next Sunday. :)

We shall all be back next week.
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