The Electrical volunteers report Sunday 2/12/2018

The Electrical volunteers report Sunday 2/12/2018

Postby marflow » Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:26 pm

Jonathan, Jack, Len and myself today.
Checked the blue buttons on the barrow xing. All ok
Toilet light p3/4 fixed
Old Post Office sign from The Museum revamped, rewired and rusted up light fitting repaired. Ready for use in museum.
Bit of lunch.
Light in "bus shelter" at Rawtenstall fixed.
Noted that the plassy bulbs are all still working on P2. So, so far, so good for ordering a shed-full for next Xmas. Lighter, less size so less windage, won't shatter and use less juice. Only 90p ish whereas the glass ones, I think, are over a £.
Catch you all next week
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