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The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 23-09-2018.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 5:35 pm
by asbibby
:D Another glorious day today for all five electrical volunteers, Clive, Len, John, Jonathan and myself back from a cruise in the Baltic with Sue. :D
We will have a new electrical volunteer next week, so i am informed. 8)

We did not check the alarm call points as there were too many people on the platforms and we did not want to panic anyone.

After a swift brew we reassembled the five lamp heads which had been removed from Summerseat Station about three weeks ago, these had been de-rusted and painted over the last three Sundays.
Once they had been assembled and tested, we collected our tools and extension ladder and with the five lamp heads boarded the 11:00 train to Summerseat Station.
The five lamp heads were fitted on top of the lamp posts and rewired to the fuse boxes at the bottom of the lamp posts.
We had brought our tree saw to clear some branches from around the first lamp post adjacent to the Station steps, the branches were covering the photocell on top of the lamp head preventing the correct operation of the photocell.
The bypass switch was then operated to test the Station lights and after resetting the circuit breaker all the lamps were lit.
We shall have to come back next week weather permitting to clear another lamp head next to the shelter which is surrounded by branches from an evergreen tree.
On the path up to the Station platform some of the lamp posts require checking for ant infestation and ant powder and sand and cement utilised at the bottom of the lamp posts.
The train was then boarded back to our workshop in Bury Bolton Street Station. :D

Lunch was then alfresco outside the workshop with tea and chocolate cake, sponge cake and apple pie supplied by Clive, John and Len.
We responded to a request to replace some D type bulbs in the ELR shop on the concourse, two 4 pin 60w D type fluorescents and a starter were replaced and tested. :idea:

The final job of the day was to reconnect the new Station Lamps on platform two after a request from the train guard. :)

Back next week for some more illuminating stories as the actress said to the Bishop! :shock:

Re: The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 23-09-2018.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 9:56 pm
by marflow
Which bishop?

Re: The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 23-09-2018.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 2:20 pm
by asbibby
marflow wrote:Which bishop?

Desmond Who, who do, you do, what? remind me of You Tu!