The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 3-12-2017.

The Electrical Volunteers Report Sunday 3-12-2017.

Postby asbibby » Sun Dec 03, 2017 8:48 pm

:D A good weather day had been forecaster today and so it turned out with blue skies and sunshine, it made a big change from last week when it was cold and wet.

I was joined by Jonathan, Len, John and Len, it was Heywood Station's time to have the Christmas lights installed so we got out our mobile tower scaffold along with the lights and spare bulbs and caught the DMU shuttle up to Heywood Station.

We erected the first string of lights then had a break to eat our lunch outside in the sunshine. 8)
Len had bought some Marks & Sparks mince pies for us to sample, very nice too they were. :)

It was then on with erecting the second string of lights before switching on the lights and doing a lamp check.
A total of forty lamps were changed before we ran out of spares, leaving about eight dud lamps still to change.

The DMU shuttle was then caught back to Bury Bolton Street Station and a swift brew with a piece of chocolate sponge cake each supplied by John.

A report via the NUELR blog had been received informing us of a problem with the station lights at Summerseat Station, the station lights were not working when it went dark.
The lights are equipped with an electronic timer and photo cell which should determine when the lights should come on and go off.

The next Santa train was boarded to drop us off at Summerseat Station to investigate the fault.
Previously one of the lamp posts had filled up with soil covering the fuse box and shorting out the supply causing an earth fault.
We went to investigate to see if a similar thing had happened, and so it turned out to be, all the soil was scraped out of the lamp post base and the fuse holder cleaned but it was still damp, the fuse was replaced and the power restored bur instantly the circuit breaker tripped out again. :oops:
Most of the station lamp posts are on the platform but four of the lamp posts are on the path and are located in the garden area and the ants during the summer get to work excavating and filling the bottom of the lamp post with very fine soil.
This then shorts out the electrical supply and trips the circuit breaker in the control box. :P

We shall be back next Sunday to sort the problem out, so at present there is not any lighting at Summerseat Station, the Santa train was then boarded back to our base at Bury Bolton Street Station. :)
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